Oh Lord, will I love another more?

you loved me first

Woe that a day would come,
That a dawn was birthed,
Such that your love I abandon.
Darken the sun that day, let me see it not,
For dear Lord, I cannot love another more
See Lord, even to love I cannot,
Yes I can’t, without you I cannot love.
How would I love lest you teach me?
How would I love and not love you first?
Lord, will I love another more?
The love of a man and maiden,
This we cherish; loving her is my delight.
Yet if I didn’t love you Lord,
I wouldn’t truly love her
I cannot love another more than you.
Thank you for your love
Praise to you who loved me first
And with all my frailty; loved me more
Oh! That I would love you more
That more than all; I love ye Lord

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