He thought of me


I wonder what in mind he thought
In pain and anguish on that garden
Forsaken as the place, so he felt
Probably thought of his abandonment?
Nay, it’s me; he thought of me
As he saw the disciples sleep off
Unaware of what at stake;
Not a soon to be attack
Not even that a leader would be overthrown
More than that, the thought of my salvation
Danger was fast approaching
Ananias people were soon to knock
And Judas wore a determined spirit
Yet none of this mattered more.
Only the thought of my redemption
And so I am moved to tears
That such tears he bled
A stream of sweat like drops of blood
Determined,  ambitious; only for one thing
To make sure my chains are gone
For that he went up to Caiaphas
Up the Calvary hill he crawled
Bleeding on the way, even dying
Till he climbed on that wooden cross
And bought me my salvation
Yes it is me he thought of
And now and always
It is him I will think of
It is he who died for me
Him alone I must live for

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