It is by your grace, nothing in me.


What in me did thou see oh dear Lord?
Why bother as you went along among people?
Looking at my soul; a sinner by best definition
Why did you stop to look at this wretched me?
Oh I know, it was by your grace, nothing in me.
In the uttermost filth of sin I dwelt
In doubt, pride and hatred; yet you saw me
By works and deed I looked good or so I thought
Yet in me only sin dwelt there in; nothing admirable
And so I know, it is by your grace that I am saved
Forgetting the past, dwelling on the present
Looking yet on my soul; am I now holy?
Am I any better for a man to love and die?
I hope I could lie, yet I cannot for you know
Yes you know, I am needful of grace even now
It was and still is by your grace that I am a son
Nothing I do justifies my salvation or holiness
Only by grace I do; I love and serve, nothing of works
For my works are none mine only the fruits of grace
And only by your grace do I testify of my salvation.
It is by your grace, nothing more

The heart of God



‘I have found David son of Jesse a man after my own heart; he will do everything I want him to do.’ This perhaps is what  makes David likable to me among all the kings of Israel. That is in addition to his heroic qualities. But what does it mean to have a heart like that of God?

Well, God is holy, so was David by nature and practice holy? Not at all. You know his story with Bathsheba, you know of the blood in his hands, it ain’t holiness for sure. Could it be his humility, his kindness like deciding to spare a king who was after his life? His devotion to God’s service. All these may seem like pointers to a heart like that of God. But I bet there is nothing by word that uplifts David beyond common men other than his desire to do God’s will. Yes, it is this clause  ” he will do everything I want him to do” that qualifies him.

David was guided by a heart devoted to honoring God and fulfilling His will;  thus he says in psalms 63:3; Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you. I bet there wasn’t a man passionate of the Lord’s fellowship like  David,  you just read the psalms. Yet he was a mere man but with a heart like that of God, a heart devoted, passionate and eager to fulfilling God’s will.

Yes we can say that was his life statement, the goal, vision and objective of David’s life even as it should be for us all; loving God with all we are and pursuing His perfect will. And so we pray that His kingdom come, His will be done, on earth as it is in heaven and our hearts be conformed to the likeness of the heart of God. Amen.


Whence will I tire?


Will there come a day that I tire of you Lord?
A day when my conviction will lay low
Whence my commitment to thy glory changes?
Such a day of regret I pray it will never be
And I know it won’t be for you will always be
It’s you Lord that lights the candle of service
You who draws men to embrace your love
To know of your mercies and justice
It is ye Lord that enables us to be servants
And so we cannot tire not unless you left us
What would I choose beyond dwelling in your house?
What can I buy of greater value than to be a son?
Serving you is serving the self and only that is worthy
Laying a life only to preserve it forever; no greater gain
Thank you for making me a labourer in your vineyard
And I will not tire; my tools I will hold on and work
Do all that which you enable me for your glory
Yes until there’s no more soul to reach
Until there’s not a heart to share of the Good news
Thence will I not tire and I pray you will not let me tire
Yes, not until I see the bright light of eternity
Not until the glorious moon of heaven serenades
Whence my Lord will reign in glory and wipe my sweat
Yes until that day, Lord do use me; here in your service I am
May I never tire of honoring my Lord

Beautiful at heart; all beautiful

See the world and her glamour;
The beauty on her majestic sky
From horizon to horizon the Lord delights
And in sight of the work of His hands, he is glorified
But even more in you man, He is honored.
A masterpiece is the delight of an artist
The joy of a good laborer is his work
To make and see the beauty of creation;
All is this is for the glory of God
And even more you are His delight
Many see the beauty of face
It’s the beholder who knows his eye’s taste
But within lies more beauty;
The beauty of a loving heart is within and without
Yes, the children of God are all in all beautiful
Those that delight in His salvation
The feet of those that walk in His vineyard
Them that lay their lives for His honor
Delighting only in His glory
These among all are beautiful
Beautiful at heart; all beautiful

Only by Grace

Oh Lord, what do I present to you?
What will I give for this thy love?
What will I offer for you to please?
A sacrifice or offering; none is worthy
Only by your grace to you I come
The filthiness of my soul;
Not for you to behold
The deceitfulness of my heart;
Before thee I cannot stand
Yet by grace before you I bow
I should be counted among the outcasts
Before your sanctuary I shouldn’t be
Cast out the city gates where I belong
Yet you have clothed me and brought me home
By your grace to be with your son forever
What am I that this much you care?
Am I not just as small and worthless
Before your majesty Lord am I not nothing?
Yet as little as I be, me you value highly
And by your grace,  purchased me by blood
I am a child born by grace
Born into the kingdom of light
To proclaim your praises
To testify of your goodness
And by grace to share of His grace.
Yes, it’s only by grace

Oh Lord, will I love another more?

you loved me first

Woe that a day would come,
That a dawn was birthed,
Such that your love I abandon.
Darken the sun that day, let me see it not,
For dear Lord, I cannot love another more
See Lord, even to love I cannot,
Yes I can’t, without you I cannot love.
How would I love lest you teach me?
How would I love and not love you first?
Lord, will I love another more?
The love of a man and maiden,
This we cherish; loving her is my delight.
Yet if I didn’t love you Lord,
I wouldn’t truly love her
I cannot love another more than you.
Thank you for your love
Praise to you who loved me first
And with all my frailty; loved me more
Oh! That I would love you more
That more than all; I love ye Lord

Lest I took the Cross

take your cross.jpg

That He was slain for my transgressions
That my sickness was upon Him
Nailing Him down, paralysed on a wood
Suffering the sting even to death
But how would I know lest I took the Cross
Yes how would I know His pain
How would I tell of the anguish
Would I ever speak of His weakness?
Yes the weakness of the Almighty
Never for sure lest His Cross I took
See the world grumbling;  crying of pain
Women and children dying, what an earth?
Where on earth is He; this we seek
Yet our Cross he took; was sick and died
But how could we know till His Cross we took
Yes this is a relationship of the Cross
A love union built on the covenant of the Cross
And like He took that wooden Cross for us
So we must pick ours and follow Him
Yes that’s the language; the dialect of the Cross
Lest I took the Cross,  I wouldn’t know Him
Lest like Him I am crucified, His love I know not
Until I bear the marks of His Cross; hope I have not
And so I must have the Cross; and the Savior with me
For lest I took His Cross, I doubt I would know who He be.

He thought of me


I wonder what in mind he thought
In pain and anguish on that garden
Forsaken as the place, so he felt
Probably thought of his abandonment?
Nay, it’s me; he thought of me
As he saw the disciples sleep off
Unaware of what at stake;
Not a soon to be attack
Not even that a leader would be overthrown
More than that, the thought of my salvation
Danger was fast approaching
Ananias people were soon to knock
And Judas wore a determined spirit
Yet none of this mattered more.
Only the thought of my redemption
And so I am moved to tears
That such tears he bled
A stream of sweat like drops of blood
Determined,  ambitious; only for one thing
To make sure my chains are gone
For that he went up to Caiaphas
Up the Calvary hill he crawled
Bleeding on the way, even dying
Till he climbed on that wooden cross
And bought me my salvation
Yes it is me he thought of
And now and always
It is him I will think of
It is he who died for me
Him alone I must live for