What shall I say of your love Lord?



What will I say of you Lord?

What words will I use this love to say?

What drawing do I make your love to show?

I hope I were a renown poet, poems of you to write

I wish I were an artist, your love to inscribe on walls


Yet I am just but me; not a Da Vinci, no Shakespeare

Just but a man of lay words, a mere commoner

See now my yearning to speak a word, just of your love

But then all of us are commoners, both artists and poets;

At the mention of your love, none can define


So like the sinful woman I just but stoop

Feel my tears wash thy precious feet oh Lord

See as I open my oil, on thee to anoint

None much I have your feet to rid my tears; only my hair

For you love overcomes my wicked soul, oh ye holy one


So what shall say of your love, dear mighty lover?

No words I dare speak for none of mine is worthy

Only myself I bring, on my knees to worship

This my worship I render to none other but thee

Thanks for your everlasting, ever abounding love Lord.







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