I am not alone

Though I may seem to walk alone
Although I may be perceived to live by myself
Facing my wars and fears solely;
The world of but one lion,
Yet I am not alone, not any more.
Yes this I can say with confidence
With no fear of contradiction in mind
Neither an imagination of a contrary way of life
I surely love it this way, not another way I can imagine;
To live by myself away from my counselor and comforter
I am grateful of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
Who not only by His blood purchased me to Himself
Even much more He brought me to Himself
To dwell in Him and He to live in me
That never again would I be alone
Thereby knowing this body to be but a home;
A house of fellowship; the Spirit and I in communion.
So I live, hence I go by and do all I can for this fellowship
Even more I desire to hear Him who dwells within
And through Him serve and glorify my Lord.
Yes I am not alone and never will I be
For the Spirit of God dwells in me
And the promise of my Lord so is fulfilled;
Now and always never to leave or forsake me
Glory be to Him in the highest, He who keeps His promises.

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