Do not just run, count the cost.

When we are young we are taught above all things to be hardworking. Not to be lazy but to find something to do. That is a good teaching and one I believe we should uphold not only in our early days at school but even later in life.
However, there is one thing the society seems unclear about when it speaks of being active. At times we labor so much to preach handwork forgetting to say what direction it should take. Be busy, that’s good but doing what? Work hard, that’s wise but again to which end? I believe these are important questions to consider.
If you told someone to prepare for a race and expect them to spend time in training it would only be wise to tell them what sort of race it will be and what will be the price.
However, I find it in our generation that we tell people to prepare not even sure there will be a race to run. We tell our children to learn so as to get jobs that we are not sure they will ever have. We call on our employees to work harder for a pay rise that never is forthcoming.
And honestly speaking we know so well how trust is hard to mend once broken. What am I suggesting? Not much actually if not upholding trust. Stating things as they are. Calling your son aside and saying; work hard junior, to gain knowledge, develop yourself to make independent choices someday whether you will get a job or create one. And above all things that you will know what course of life to take, the choices to uphold and when to turn and let go.
Yes, letting go at times is great wisdom than taking a journey whose end only screams vanity. Do not just run in activity,  from weekdays at work to weekends in fun houses. Sit and consider, where are you going?  what are you achieving?  Be honest to yourself,  don’t be afraid to realize the emptiness of activity.  For every day is a good day to begin again, any day is a good day to fall in the hands of the Almighty and seek another chance to make it count.  Above all things seek the knowledge of He who knows it all and in your ears you will hear the small voice that tells you, this is the way follow it. Do not just run, count the cost, at times you will realize that walking is far much favorable for you.


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