The war is on, fighting we must


Storms are raging, the water levels on high
Too weak to survive, too violent the battle is
From Syria to Asia, Africa through Europe
War is at hand, if not in fresh, then surely in Spirit
The war is on, fighting we must
Like Him who died for us
Peace is not promised on earth
If they persecuted Him, so will we be
If they killed Him, that cross too we must  bear
For the war is on and fighting we must
Knowing there to be no other way
So Lord now we come, in humility seeking;
Help us even as you did to overcome this war
We ask not for it to end, but that we emerge victorious
For this is war and fighting our only option
Beloved of God so I seek, even I beseech
Guard your hearts with the Word
Walk in the light of the Spirit of God
Dwell in His peace and fight every sin
Knowing in this war, fighting is never ending
We are at war not with humans and physical arsenal
Not on battlefields of mother earth
But in the realm of the Spirit, fighting every sin
Fighting for the testimony of truth; witnessing even to death
This is war and fighting we must until the Savior is honored

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