I will see the smile on His face

This now a rough path I am treading
With scorching sun behind my back
Trials and temptations I am facing
Yet, I still contemplate, in Hope I will see;
The smile on His face when I shall overcome
Even though persecution be but my daily luck
While I am in pain and anguish, facing betrayal
Looking on sight as my enemy approaches
Even with all this torture at heart yet in mind;
My Savior I see beyond the river awaiting my victory
It ain’t that this course is easy that we bear it
It is not that we are indifferent as regards pain and suffering
Not that betrayal and opposition we cherich
Yet all this we must bear, all this we face
Contemplating the joy of our Savior on the day of triumph
I see my Savior across this valley of death
Walking with me in joy towards the finish line
Every step with Him I take,  every pain with Him I bear
And when all is lost, Him alone I will always have
His joy is my gladness;  His glory my mission even to death
And one day I know, such a day I await
Across this life of pain beyond the valleys of trouble
In that celestrial city, where my Savior and brethren are waiting
I will see my Savior in joy, happy and glorified in my victory
Yes, I believe, so I trust to see the smile on His face

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