I want to be born again

This is my desire, that back in the womb I go
That all over again I would see the sun a new
Take one long breath afresh and watch the stars move
That I would write my story, every syllable all carefully
Yes, I desire that again I would be born
I know I need to wake up and wash my face
This dream too high to achieve,  yet I can’t despair
You see my life is full of flaws and back in time I must go
If but to correct a few; to write my story even as I would
And though I have seen the sun, yet I desire to be born again
This dream I share with many;  you too I know so desires
To write your story by your hands, word for Word
And shouldn’t we glorified God that such a chance there is
Not only to be born again, not only to see the sun a new
But to write our life syories with Him; bit by bit
And so I glorify you mighty Lord even for such another chance
To breath your air afresh,  this a new being I have become
My past is gone, my old me is dead, here I am a toddler
As young to write my story, young to honor you every hour
Hold the pen with me, let us write this my story
For all my sins you have forgiven, killed with my former me
And now as a new creation,  all I so wished I can do
Those many hours I lost now I have them to seek you
In futility I lived yet in this life , in you I dwell
And happy I am; joyous to be born again.

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