He loves me, yes He does

Jesus loves me
I know myself or so I believe
And this much I know
His love I deserve not
His care I shouldn’t have
Yet He loves me, yes He does
Up the Cross He went, wept for poor me
It is me he had in mind and in love He died
Even knowing that somehow I might reject Him
With knowledge of my wickedness
Yet even now He loves me and yes He does
Too weak I am, too stubborn I have been
Hurting Him at every opportune moment I have
Opening those scars all afresh,  even crucifying Him
Yet He amazes me to this end, and now this I know;
That He loves me, yes He does
So now I beseech of thee precious Savior
Thy love teach my heart;  to love others
Even as you do; in pain and betrayal
Loving you first so as to love as you do
For you do love and yes you do.
He loves me, now and always
Even to the end of times He says,
He surely will always be with me
For you know what?
He loves me, yes He does

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