Woe to you evil shepherds

The Lord gathers her sheep
By His voice He calls them home
Even to His pen, the Good shepherd brings them
Only for you to pick and slaughter them for your food
Woe to you evil shepherds, His slaughtering wrath is on you
His Word He gives; food for His flock
But then you come and by your words you entice
Soon the sheep starve and fast you pounce
Roasting even the last of them for your taste
Woe to you evil shepherds; His burning wrath is on you
The pen He calls; house of prayer for all nations
But you have made the sanctuary a house of trade
Trading His sheep one after another
Now your pockets are full; the return of your trade
But woe to you evil shepherds; He has sold you to Satan
Woe to you evil shepherds
Ye that malign the glory of God
Ye that starve His children with your words
Turn now, repent and abide in Him
If not be sure to face His wrath; now and forever.

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