Walking in the world of sin

Now Lord I come
In the confession room I kneel
Here Lord, even this my frailty I bring
Again I have done it, going away from your Word
Walking in the world of sin
It’s embarrassing how in the world I keep walking
Contemplating the cost you paid for my Salvation
Even more am I ashamed, yet here I cannot depart
However guilty, only here before thee I must come
Receive me from the world that in thee I may abide
Now this I know, that my feet love the world
My body enjoys her morning sun
Yet my soul knows where it is home
It is home for my soul to dwell near thee Lord
From the world I come, heal and cloth me Lord
Clothe me with your everlasting love
Heal the guilt of sin in me
Mighty Lord I seek, help me overcome
Overcome this body of sin and abide in thee
Help me Lord not walk again out there in the World
Out there is the enemy of my soul
The thief of your people’s hearts
The murderer of your flock’s commitment
The destroyer of your sheep’s fellowship
Good shepherd hide me in you away from he.

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