Time is limited.

There goes the alarm clock
But I just set it to awake me?
How short that night must have been!
How I desire a re-run, yet that can’t happen
For the limitation of time.
Here I report to work, normal schedule as usual
Am busy, time is running fast
Am bored, time is crawling lazily
But wait, here comes the evening
The day is done, so fast, so short it was
So goes a day, months and years
And soon you age, how time flies
Sure as was said, time waits for no king
Want to do something,  now is the time
Tomorrow is not yours,  only the limited today
So this I have learnt, even this I share;
You love someone,  tell them now
Want to serve God, fellowship with Him; now is time
Whatever in mind to do you wish; now do it
For time really is limited.

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