Oh precious glorified body!

This tent I dwell as I pass by
Whence shall I depart from ye
Until when will I be tormented in here
Tormented by diseases, frailty and sin
Oh precious glorified body, thee I desire
See now I am looking on my Lord
He that overcame the world
Now in heavens above He dwells
See His glorified body; perfect He is
And like He I desire, that glorified body to wear
Woe this poor me, this poor skin of sin
Falling in the dirt of depravity
Stinks above all bad odour
Precious she was at first till sin came
You glorified body now I seek thee
A body of glory it is
Worn by those that overcome
Like our Lord I must overcome
Yet alone I cannot
Help me now Lord to overcome
That like you one day I may wear that body
That precious glorified body of immortality

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