Who paid my debt?



Walking along the lanes watching not my back
In broad daylight and in the dark of the night,
Oh! this I ask, who’s my kinsman redeemer
That as those free I have become
Even better, to dwell in palaces the world has seen not.
Not a single man my debt would carry
Not my parents, friends or loved ones would bear it for me
Sheep and goat we tried; none found worthy
Not one, only the lamb of Calvary;
Christ alone, only He my debt would pay.
And this freedom, too much for a slave of ages
Too much, I fear freedom soon enslaves me
And so on my knees I go, my redeemer here I stand
Available I am found, use this my freedom
Use me your son; a slave for your honor.
Use me now I seek
Guide me so I beg
Lead me, oh Holy one of God
And if still my freedom be
Use me again Lord until I can do more
This my prayer to you
Ye my only redeemer
For by your blood you paid my debt
That with mine I may serve you
And with my freedom I will honor thee

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