Not another dawn!


Oh mighty Lord thee I desire,
Early in the morn I seek to find you
This countless times I plan
Poor me, many are times I fail
And I blame my stupor that this sin I commit
Folding me, buried under the warm covering
Just a few more minutes and I will arise so I think;
Just a little longer and I will seek thee
Oh, what a shame, to lose another dawn of prayer
Pitiful indeed, I need you Lord even in this
Not another dawn;
This I have to resolve
Not another dawn, this I decide;
Wasted in the warmth of sleep
Please Lord, this I pray
Yes this is my prayer, to pray more
To arise and seek thee
Help me overcome my stupor
Help me overcome the whims of early warmth
And be found in the place of prayer; on my knees
For how sweet is it to pray
How wonderful it is to arise in prayer
Not a better way to start a day but with Him
In fellowship with the Trinity.
Waste not another dawn; arise to pray

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