Wealth of Grace


When the rich are called, I must stand

For I seek to align with them also

Not with filled bank accounts;

Gold or lands to pride on

But more than them all; a wealth of grace


Oh Lord, who am I that this rich you’ve made me?

What is man that you care for him this much?

Much, even to adorn him with everlasting grace!

Surely you make me wonder at your blessings

On sight of your grace, I just but tremble.


That I can be called a son of the most High,

Adopted to dwell in the palaces on high

Am truly loved; truly rich in grace

This a blessing than any other

To brag but on the Cross of Christ


Oh that the world would know

To share in this my freely bequathed wealth

A wealth untouched by moths or thieves

Lasting even to eternal ages

The wealth of the Grace of God.




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