Work; not a curse


It all started in the garden

Our first parents followed their hearts

And their actions followed them

What a tragic day when rebellion reigned

And our end only bitter


The Father was angry

It was not business as usual

Punishment was due

Father Adam  guilt as charged

And mother earth had a burden to bear


Thistles and thorns all over her face

The ground itself cursed

Adam sweating for food

But was working cursed?

Not by any chance


Yes working became hard

Frustrating results

Too much labor for a plate of food

But then came our Salvation

Restoration for the Lord’s glory


So now we work

Not without frustrations

But with a hope of triumph

Like our Father we desire;

To look and see good for our work


Work is a gift

A gift to partner with the Lord

And honor His name by our hands

And this is the rule in all we do;

Working heartily, as for the Lord and not for men



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