It is ye my Lord; thee only our gift



Looking unto the skies

Contemplating of the Cross

Oh precious Jesus, what did you achieve?

When you walked in anguish,

Facing the sting of death.


That I would walk boldly in the face of persecution?

That blessings and happiness be my portion?

That all the riches of the world I behold?

That I may rejoice in this life and after?

Blossom in peace, a peace the world know not?


Nay, these are but flowers,

And our true fruit of Salvation was you Lord

You came, suffered and died

Resurrected on the third day

All that we may have you


Yeah, ye only we needed

For in you is truth and life

Help us Lord to seek you

Not just what you give

But to have you oh Lord!


For it is ye; thee only our precious gift




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