Lord, my praise only is to thee

you deserve


My eyes survey up above the horizon

On earth I look, her glory to behold

I feel the touch of beauty as I see your works

See the lilies, listen as birds hum

What is that, if but praise to thee


Too bad some have seen the grandeur

Beheld of the resplendence of creation

Seen the beauty of the daughters of mother earth

Only to praise the masterpiece and ignore the artist

But for me Lord, to thee only my praise will be


Who laid the foundations of the horizon?

Who knit my very skin to fit?

Who molded the mountains to stand on high?

Who planted the trees for birds to reside?

None, but you Lord and none else deserves the glory.


Forbid that my lips another shall ever praise

That a day may come when my eyes are turned

Another to see, another to delight in more than you.

Be that me or the woman of my dreams

None I desire to praise above thee my Lord


Lord, my praise only to thee I give




What shall I say of your love Lord?



What will I say of you Lord?

What words will I use this love to say?

What drawing do I make your love to show?

I hope I were a renown poet, poems of you to write

I wish I were an artist, your love to inscribe on walls


Yet I am just but me; not a Da Vinci, no Shakespeare

Just but a man of lay words, a mere commoner

See now my yearning to speak a word, just of your love

But then all of us are commoners, both artists and poets;

At the mention of your love, none can define


So like the sinful woman I just but stoop

Feel my tears wash thy precious feet oh Lord

See as I open my oil, on thee to anoint

None much I have your feet to rid my tears; only my hair

For you love overcomes my wicked soul, oh ye holy one


So what shall say of your love, dear mighty lover?

No words I dare speak for none of mine is worthy

Only myself I bring, on my knees to worship

This my worship I render to none other but thee

Thanks for your everlasting, ever abounding love Lord.







Do not just run, count the cost.

When we are young we are taught above all things to be hardworking. Not to be lazy but to find something to do. That is a good teaching and one I believe we should uphold not only in our early days at school but even later in life.
However, there is one thing the society seems unclear about when it speaks of being active. At times we labor so much to preach handwork forgetting to say what direction it should take. Be busy, that’s good but doing what? Work hard, that’s wise but again to which end? I believe these are important questions to consider.
If you told someone to prepare for a race and expect them to spend time in training it would only be wise to tell them what sort of race it will be and what will be the price.
However, I find it in our generation that we tell people to prepare not even sure there will be a race to run. We tell our children to learn so as to get jobs that we are not sure they will ever have. We call on our employees to work harder for a pay rise that never is forthcoming.
And honestly speaking we know so well how trust is hard to mend once broken. What am I suggesting? Not much actually if not upholding trust. Stating things as they are. Calling your son aside and saying; work hard junior, to gain knowledge, develop yourself to make independent choices someday whether you will get a job or create one. And above all things that you will know what course of life to take, the choices to uphold and when to turn and let go.
Yes, letting go at times is great wisdom than taking a journey whose end only screams vanity. Do not just run in activity,  from weekdays at work to weekends in fun houses. Sit and consider, where are you going?  what are you achieving?  Be honest to yourself,  don’t be afraid to realize the emptiness of activity.  For every day is a good day to begin again, any day is a good day to fall in the hands of the Almighty and seek another chance to make it count.  Above all things seek the knowledge of He who knows it all and in your ears you will hear the small voice that tells you, this is the way follow it. Do not just run, count the cost, at times you will realize that walking is far much favorable for you.


I am not alone

Though I may seem to walk alone
Although I may be perceived to live by myself
Facing my wars and fears solely;
The world of but one lion,
Yet I am not alone, not any more.
Yes this I can say with confidence
With no fear of contradiction in mind
Neither an imagination of a contrary way of life
I surely love it this way, not another way I can imagine;
To live by myself away from my counselor and comforter
I am grateful of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
Who not only by His blood purchased me to Himself
Even much more He brought me to Himself
To dwell in Him and He to live in me
That never again would I be alone
Thereby knowing this body to be but a home;
A house of fellowship; the Spirit and I in communion.
So I live, hence I go by and do all I can for this fellowship
Even more I desire to hear Him who dwells within
And through Him serve and glorify my Lord.
Yes I am not alone and never will I be
For the Spirit of God dwells in me
And the promise of my Lord so is fulfilled;
Now and always never to leave or forsake me
Glory be to Him in the highest, He who keeps His promises.

The war is on, fighting we must


Storms are raging, the water levels on high
Too weak to survive, too violent the battle is
From Syria to Asia, Africa through Europe
War is at hand, if not in fresh, then surely in Spirit
The war is on, fighting we must
Like Him who died for us
Peace is not promised on earth
If they persecuted Him, so will we be
If they killed Him, that cross too we must  bear
For the war is on and fighting we must
Knowing there to be no other way
So Lord now we come, in humility seeking;
Help us even as you did to overcome this war
We ask not for it to end, but that we emerge victorious
For this is war and fighting our only option
Beloved of God so I seek, even I beseech
Guard your hearts with the Word
Walk in the light of the Spirit of God
Dwell in His peace and fight every sin
Knowing in this war, fighting is never ending
We are at war not with humans and physical arsenal
Not on battlefields of mother earth
But in the realm of the Spirit, fighting every sin
Fighting for the testimony of truth; witnessing even to death
This is war and fighting we must until the Savior is honored

I will see the smile on His face

This now a rough path I am treading
With scorching sun behind my back
Trials and temptations I am facing
Yet, I still contemplate, in Hope I will see;
The smile on His face when I shall overcome
Even though persecution be but my daily luck
While I am in pain and anguish, facing betrayal
Looking on sight as my enemy approaches
Even with all this torture at heart yet in mind;
My Savior I see beyond the river awaiting my victory
It ain’t that this course is easy that we bear it
It is not that we are indifferent as regards pain and suffering
Not that betrayal and opposition we cherich
Yet all this we must bear, all this we face
Contemplating the joy of our Savior on the day of triumph
I see my Savior across this valley of death
Walking with me in joy towards the finish line
Every step with Him I take,  every pain with Him I bear
And when all is lost, Him alone I will always have
His joy is my gladness;  His glory my mission even to death
And one day I know, such a day I await
Across this life of pain beyond the valleys of trouble
In that celestrial city, where my Savior and brethren are waiting
I will see my Savior in joy, happy and glorified in my victory
Yes, I believe, so I trust to see the smile on His face

I want to be born again

This is my desire, that back in the womb I go
That all over again I would see the sun a new
Take one long breath afresh and watch the stars move
That I would write my story, every syllable all carefully
Yes, I desire that again I would be born
I know I need to wake up and wash my face
This dream too high to achieve,  yet I can’t despair
You see my life is full of flaws and back in time I must go
If but to correct a few; to write my story even as I would
And though I have seen the sun, yet I desire to be born again
This dream I share with many;  you too I know so desires
To write your story by your hands, word for Word
And shouldn’t we glorified God that such a chance there is
Not only to be born again, not only to see the sun a new
But to write our life syories with Him; bit by bit
And so I glorify you mighty Lord even for such another chance
To breath your air afresh,  this a new being I have become
My past is gone, my old me is dead, here I am a toddler
As young to write my story, young to honor you every hour
Hold the pen with me, let us write this my story
For all my sins you have forgiven, killed with my former me
And now as a new creation,  all I so wished I can do
Those many hours I lost now I have them to seek you
In futility I lived yet in this life , in you I dwell
And happy I am; joyous to be born again.

He loves me, yes He does

Jesus loves me
I know myself or so I believe
And this much I know
His love I deserve not
His care I shouldn’t have
Yet He loves me, yes He does
Up the Cross He went, wept for poor me
It is me he had in mind and in love He died
Even knowing that somehow I might reject Him
With knowledge of my wickedness
Yet even now He loves me and yes He does
Too weak I am, too stubborn I have been
Hurting Him at every opportune moment I have
Opening those scars all afresh,  even crucifying Him
Yet He amazes me to this end, and now this I know;
That He loves me, yes He does
So now I beseech of thee precious Savior
Thy love teach my heart;  to love others
Even as you do; in pain and betrayal
Loving you first so as to love as you do
For you do love and yes you do.
He loves me, now and always
Even to the end of times He says,
He surely will always be with me
For you know what?
He loves me, yes He does

I am the resurrection and the life

Lord, I have feared to walk in the dark of the night
Knowing the enemy so awaits; to pounce and harm me
And so I hesitate, shining my light I so fear in darkness
If but only to save my skin, to preserve this life
But today you say; I am the resurrection and the life
You see Lord, this one life only I have got
Losing it is a big risk, a lifetime mistake it is perceived
Yet you so tell me; to lose it and gain it in you
It is not that easy to bear my Cross and receive my beating
But this you tell; I am the resurrection and the life
So what more would I desire than life?
What is more valuable to man beyond his life?
For the whole world this one thing He would trade
And for this I have made my sale; to follow you
For you are the resurrection and the life
What more are people looking for?
What is that that my kinsmen labor earnestly to have?
Would it exceed the price of life, more expensive than breath?
It’s a funny world down here, that forsakes true fortune
Not knowing that in you is resurrection and life
Thanks that this you have made known
Not to the wisest of us all, only but to children
Yes, mere children have gained understanding
To comprehend and know that ye only we need
Even you who is the resurrection and the life

Oh precious glorified body!

This tent I dwell as I pass by
Whence shall I depart from ye
Until when will I be tormented in here
Tormented by diseases, frailty and sin
Oh precious glorified body, thee I desire
See now I am looking on my Lord
He that overcame the world
Now in heavens above He dwells
See His glorified body; perfect He is
And like He I desire, that glorified body to wear
Woe this poor me, this poor skin of sin
Falling in the dirt of depravity
Stinks above all bad odour
Precious she was at first till sin came
You glorified body now I seek thee
A body of glory it is
Worn by those that overcome
Like our Lord I must overcome
Yet alone I cannot
Help me now Lord to overcome
That like you one day I may wear that body
That precious glorified body of immortality