Glory to God even in this our Predicament.

When we go through pain and suffering,  when the anguish of the soul is so clear and such we cannot ignore, we ask questions.  We seek to know mostly than not what the will of God be in all this, even further we seek to find out if He be aware of our predicament.
It worries us to imagine God would be aware yet seemingly remain silent. It is indeed hard to make peace with such ideology. At times we seek someone to blame it on, mostly many blame it on us. Yet neither of all this pondering of mind seems to help. The bite of pain remain still only real, her grip much relentless.
We wish we could do something about it, we pray somehow we would be relieved of such a heavy burden. Why us anyway, but again why  either another, so we wonder.
Some may result to walking away from God; embracing Job’s wife plan B advice. At this stage you know all opinions have equal share to the ear.
But like Job we sure must remain aware; walking away from God ain’t an option,  it never was. So we must continue to bear the pain, not alone as much more He strengthens us to do so. I must confess many are times we would faint,  lose hope and give up were it not that our hands still He holds.
What are we to say, knowing we must but trust in Him? Trust in Him that our pain has a reason; more to shape and mold us even to glow like gold. But most importantly to assuredly perceive all happening for His glory which is but the good we so earnestly behold as His servants.
Understanding this will not relieve us of pain, the sting of suffering so continues to eat us away. But this  realization, a hope it gives. A hope not only that some day all will be well but even more so that the future will be glorious.  Then all pain will be forgotten as something that never was, discarded as a clothing never to be worn. Yes, it may not be tomorrow or the day that follows but a day we behold, a day when God will be glorified much more above this anguish, even more by our victory.
We cannot lose hope, we dare not give up; overcoming we must even as He did. Glory and honor we seek for Him now in pain and much more when we shall overcome.
Praise be to Him who enables us to go through all situations,  even He that is able to bring us before Himself in glory everlasting.Glory to God even in this our predicament.


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