I am holding on Jesus


My hands are tightly held on a rock

My gaze earnestly fixed on my only hope

I can’t let go you see for then I fall

Fall to a hole deep and scary

The hole of a life without Jesus


What a world some live without hope or future

Scary even to imagine, how would I let go

See around all the whims of the evil one

An innocent soul to deceive, steal and kill

Hold me tight dear Lord lest I fall


Stand me on this firm foundation

The ground soon lets go, there I sink

Lest on this rock I stand

Rock of ages hold me tight

All my ages let me not go but tightly held on you


Waves of this life hardly hit me

Storms vigorously beat my skin

Snakes and scorpions are after me

If you let go I am doomed, I can’t let go

I will hold on you Jesus, my rock and my salvation



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