What do you see in religious people?


Give me your ear oh ye fellow beloved of God

Lend me a second to trouble you with my thoughts

Not a reprimand or complaint but gently I seek to know

When you see religious people, please I ask

What do you see in them?


A people closer to the truth than others

Aware of it yet denying its very reality

Or a people soaked in man’s wisdom of the deity

Desiring to know but never accepting this knowledge

Tell me your views on these devoted souls?


You surely have an attitude towards them

But that’s you, and this question I ask?

What about our Father, what He sees in them?

But a flock in need of a shepherd

Look and see, a sheep in need of a Savior


Christ said there is only one way

He was serious this I tell you

None other path to God but through the Son

All other perceived ways wander in the waist lands

For but Christ is was and will always be the only one


Look again I beseech thee,

With humility and mercy speak to men of valor

Men devoted to a religion since bath

With tears of love, warn of impending danger

The danger to live only for a lie


What do you see in religious people?

If but a people in need of a Savior


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