A man of no legacy


He came to us in simplicity

Born only like the poor or worse

And though He was a king

No dignitaries lined up to celebrate Him

Only angels, shepherds and a distant people received Him


Living in a small town, weak among cities

He was just another man, they said

What good would become of Him, surely none

So they thought and indeed a hero he was not to be

For a legacy He didn’t come to leave


Leaving glory, authority and power above

He came to be a servant, least of all

To dwell among the poor and carry her burden

He chose a path undeserving for a prince

Lived for a course unperceived by the heroes of mother earth


But of all born of women

None was greater or will be greater than He

For though He came like all other men

He surely was no ordinary man

Blessed was she that nursed Him


And to us a lesson He taught

A way of life He designated for His followers

That just like Him, a legacy we will leave not

After years of toil and labor, like worthless servants we shall depart

To be received by Him in glory


He was a man of no legacy

In the books of the kings and princes His name appeared not

And like a criminal He died that we may have life

Let’s embrace his love and follow His example

Seek no glory or name on earth but to honor our Savior, Christ Jesus


A man of no earthly legacy



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