The Battlefield within



I would to like warn of an impending war

A battle bigger than all the wars of the world

A continuous war that never ends

Never meant to end unless the ground diminishes

The war of the flesh and the spirit


See a man walk by

Know you are  looking at a battlefield

You may not see it on sight but within he fights

At times the flesh wins

The Spirit gives way for the desires of the body


This war sure must continue

And a Christian must learn to fight the flesh

All arsenals must gather to fight ones own body

For though the victory of the flesh may be enticing

Her fate is detrimental with an only fading glory


But praise be to God

Who has given us the power to overcome

On that Calvary hill, authority over flesh we gained

By the Spirit of God we reign over the flesh

And we keep fighting this body, till the Lord returns.


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