I am holding on Jesus


My hands are tightly held on a rock

My gaze earnestly fixed on my only hope

I can’t let go you see for then I fall

Fall to a hole deep and scary

The hole of a life without Jesus


What a world some live without hope or future

Scary even to imagine, how would I let go

See around all the whims of the evil one

An innocent soul to deceive, steal and kill

Hold me tight dear Lord lest I fall


Stand me on this firm foundation

The ground soon lets go, there I sink

Lest on this rock I stand

Rock of ages hold me tight

All my ages let me not go but tightly held on you


Waves of this life hardly hit me

Storms vigorously beat my skin

Snakes and scorpions are after me

If you let go I am doomed, I can’t let go

I will hold on you Jesus, my rock and my salvation



The Calvary Walk


I am set on a journey

One I will tread till I see my Lord

A path I undertook by choice

In the foot steps of one that loved me before

That I may live trending on the Calvary walk


A long journey indeed, a heavy cross behind

With thorns and briers all pricking my skin

Scorpions and desert wanderers against me

It’s a miracle that I am still alive and keeping on

But am assured like my Savior that I will make it


I must confess, the hardships ahead are inconceivable

The choices at times I make almost unbearable

The future quite unsecured, yet I must walk along

With eyes set beyond tomorrow, my mind focused only ahead

Awaiting a glorious city, whose builder and maker is the Lord


This walk I desire to continue

Yet alone I can go only no far

Holy Spirit of God I desire

Lead me on this walk till I see my Lord

Guide me on this Calvary walk, I pray



What do you see in religious people?


Give me your ear oh ye fellow beloved of God

Lend me a second to trouble you with my thoughts

Not a reprimand or complaint but gently I seek to know

When you see religious people, please I ask

What do you see in them?


A people closer to the truth than others

Aware of it yet denying its very reality

Or a people soaked in man’s wisdom of the deity

Desiring to know but never accepting this knowledge

Tell me your views on these devoted souls?


You surely have an attitude towards them

But that’s you, and this question I ask?

What about our Father, what He sees in them?

But a flock in need of a shepherd

Look and see, a sheep in need of a Savior


Christ said there is only one way

He was serious this I tell you

None other path to God but through the Son

All other perceived ways wander in the waist lands

For but Christ is was and will always be the only one


Look again I beseech thee,

With humility and mercy speak to men of valor

Men devoted to a religion since bath

With tears of love, warn of impending danger

The danger to live only for a lie


What do you see in religious people?

If but a people in need of a Savior


A man of no legacy


He came to us in simplicity

Born only like the poor or worse

And though He was a king

No dignitaries lined up to celebrate Him

Only angels, shepherds and a distant people received Him


Living in a small town, weak among cities

He was just another man, they said

What good would become of Him, surely none

So they thought and indeed a hero he was not to be

For a legacy He didn’t come to leave


Leaving glory, authority and power above

He came to be a servant, least of all

To dwell among the poor and carry her burden

He chose a path undeserving for a prince

Lived for a course unperceived by the heroes of mother earth


But of all born of women

None was greater or will be greater than He

For though He came like all other men

He surely was no ordinary man

Blessed was she that nursed Him


And to us a lesson He taught

A way of life He designated for His followers

That just like Him, a legacy we will leave not

After years of toil and labor, like worthless servants we shall depart

To be received by Him in glory


He was a man of no legacy

In the books of the kings and princes His name appeared not

And like a criminal He died that we may have life

Let’s embrace his love and follow His example

Seek no glory or name on earth but to honor our Savior, Christ Jesus


A man of no earthly legacy



If I had no hope of Salvation



Pardon me for such a crazy imagination

Forgive me that such a thought would even linger in mind

What are we even to say of such a phenomena

A world of no hope, no future beyond the grave

I doubt I live today if such a hope I have not


But aren’t there some who live in such a world

Mere substances of matter extant only by accident

Well, forgive me for never understanding how they breath;

Day after awaiting only to rot forever in grave

If I had no hope of Salvation morrow I take no breath


How would I even live, walk around like a mere animal!

Work hard for a future so unknown!

Wake up only to the uncertainties of this life;

Pain. anguish, betrayal and ever insatiable needs

If I had no hope of Salvation I would sleep and never rise


But tomorrow I can now rise, today I fight along

Failing at times but never giving up

Smiling in face of trouble, standing when I should fall

Yes, I live almost indifferent of all situations, bearing my cross

For a better day I perceive; a future of glory unending


Glory be to God who has given us a hope of glory

Through the Calvary sacrifice, purchased us to be His

And now we live, not driven by instinct but a hope of the future

A future much glorious, than any comfort the world would give

Thanks be to God for giving me the hope of salvation


The Battlefield within



I would to like warn of an impending war

A battle bigger than all the wars of the world

A continuous war that never ends

Never meant to end unless the ground diminishes

The war of the flesh and the spirit


See a man walk by

Know you are  looking at a battlefield

You may not see it on sight but within he fights

At times the flesh wins

The Spirit gives way for the desires of the body


This war sure must continue

And a Christian must learn to fight the flesh

All arsenals must gather to fight ones own body

For though the victory of the flesh may be enticing

Her fate is detrimental with an only fading glory


But praise be to God

Who has given us the power to overcome

On that Calvary hill, authority over flesh we gained

By the Spirit of God we reign over the flesh

And we keep fighting this body, till the Lord returns.


I have my eyes set on a city above


I have my eyes set on a city above

I have laid all my gain but to inherit the kingdom beyond

Mother earth forgive me, but I cannot accept your inheritance

I refuse to acquire your property and attain your glory

Discarding all earthly comfort only to be a foreigner


I refuse your citizenship only to be a traveler

For tomorrow comes and I depart going back home

My brethren, laid in grave in the Lord await

Till home I reach and my Savior is expectant

That I will overcome and reign with Him forever


Forgive me friends and family

That I have become a foreigner in my motherland

Not that I have loved you less but my gaze is set only ahead

Join me in this walk, lets look ahead and beyond

Set our eyes on the city above.


A city whose builder and maker is the Lord.