Indescribable love

**perfect love

What shall I compare your love with oh Lord?

What analogy do I pick to speak of perfection?

Should I pick the love of a man and woman; Romeo and Juliet?

Intense and beautiful, young love.

Nay, for even that fades and is never everlasting.


Better still, I pick the love of a mother

Tender and caring, always thinking of her child

The baby knows no better human

But time tells the story differently

And history proves this too imperfect.


I bet there is no comparison

A case example, none I find

In an imperfect world, I sure cannot find anything closer.

And so I am convinced without a doubt,

Your love is indescribable.


How dare I even think of comparing?

For you tell me that you are love

And none is even capable of loving outside of you

Your love stands out and men can only tap from you

For God is love.