Slaves, yet set free



There is a way of life so frustrating I seek to address

Not one but several I see living in futility

And my heart cries, my mind screams to utter a word

The news may not linger well with many

Yet as a servant of truth, I cannot help but say


Life is given to one

To live for one and many

But if lived for others only, then it’s no life

A life geared by the philosophy of impressing others

How fruitless it is, its end is ever miserable


Yet as absurd as it may be

Many live as slaves to others

They want to show them implied happiness

How successful and outgoing they be

In the endeavor to prove a point; a life is lost


My advice be only one; live your life

And if for another; be it only Christ

He died that you be free; to live for Him who died

Not as a slave of this world, its people and delight

But a free son of a king


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