Seek not perfection among men



The sound of a beautiful and well composed song

A masterpiece in the hands of a talented artist

All look great and wonderful

And man is the best of all creation

Yet look not perfection among men


We all yearn for perfect relationships

A friend that never fails

Love that never hurts

A parent that ever understands

Yet we know too well

How imperfect we be


A good lesson I have learnt

Learn this and never will you be disappointed

That man ever will be imperfect

As Christians we struggle to reach perfection

But it’s a long journey, too long for sure


There is hope someday, perfection will come

Walking in the steps of the ever perfect man

Christ alone that man was

Yet before that day comes

Learn to bear with our imperfection.


A member of a bigger family


Before I came to know the Lord, I only knew I had one brother, a small nuclear family and of course one of the best extended family. To date I have not found a better biological connection but above this my eyes were opened when I joined the family of the Lord. I met brothers and sisters that I know I do not deserve, a people who care so much about my well-being that I doubt they be from another planet. Surely, they are not citizens of this world but foreigners whose land and kingdom is above. They helped me overcome my obstinacy and gently showed me the path of light. They are careful to correct me and always the first to appreciate me when I do well. I was once much of a critic, more pragmatic and wise in my own thinking but today I know I am the least among the wise people around me, only but a servant in the house of the Lord. There be a time I wished I had more brothers and sisters, but today I am comfortable to have more and better than I desired or even deserve. Out there in the failing world is a cry of mistrust, betrayal in families and even though these brethren are not perfect, they are not anything like the men of that world. Men invest in property and material possessions but in Christianity we invest in people, even to make this family bigger. As I go on with life, I know I am an investment first of the Lord, second of the family of believers. I am not a self-made man, if any as such ever exists and I doubt I ever will be an island. I am grateful to God for you my brethren. As John writes, in you the Lord’s joy is complete. May the Almighty, the Father and head of this family continually join us together in cords of love unbreakable and may His will be a light to our paths all to His glory. As I give one year to serve Him as an apprentice with iServe Africa, there are some out there who may feel like the man in the field is better than the one left behind praying, encouraging and supporting the former, such a thought can only be a lie. In reality, Christ has gone ahead and all of us are merely partners in what He is already doing. Among us there is no greater and if there be then I know I am the least. I pray that the Lord will continually bless you with all spiritual blessings and will see this good work to completion even as we partner with Him. This I know to be a trustworthy saying, a fact I can stand on that in this family; I have the best fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters and a Father who never fails. I am proud to be a member of a bigger family.

Slaves, yet set free



There is a way of life so frustrating I seek to address

Not one but several I see living in futility

And my heart cries, my mind screams to utter a word

The news may not linger well with many

Yet as a servant of truth, I cannot help but say


Life is given to one

To live for one and many

But if lived for others only, then it’s no life

A life geared by the philosophy of impressing others

How fruitless it is, its end is ever miserable


Yet as absurd as it may be

Many live as slaves to others

They want to show them implied happiness

How successful and outgoing they be

In the endeavor to prove a point; a life is lost


My advice be only one; live your life

And if for another; be it only Christ

He died that you be free; to live for Him who died

Not as a slave of this world, its people and delight

But a free son of a king