The enemy soon comes; getting ready we must



Be it the uncertainty of a world beyond

A turn of events in the world behind

The other side of the grave is embraced

Only but a few

But truth be said, death soon must come


The perception we can outlive its whims

The idea we can miss the anniversary

And live forever more in happiness down here

A misguided fact it can only be

Worse than the dream that a fish will touch no water


Kings surround themselves with armies

At night they are safely guarded

Be there no enemies that can penetrate their chambers

Only none will catch the thief of life

And soon he must come


A soul must learn as early as now

To await this uninvited guest

Wishing him away will not help

Staying ready for him will do well

But to them who know the truth

He is but a friend who opens a door


The Christian must learn like Paul to stay ready

Not in fear of tomorrow, not weary of today

But simply He must learn

That to live is Christ

And yes to die is gain.


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