Homosexuality; we got it all wrong



The holy book teaches us to say no to all evil

Sin is a problem of the wicked heart

But long before we knew it, Christ died for all sinners

The blood washes all sins and yes homosexuality is no exception


But what are we to do with homosexuals

Are they the worst species alive?

Should we hate them and have nothing to do with them?

Much as you would detest them, we are called to love and cherish them

Hate the sin not the sinner


I know it’s easy to have nothing with sinners

Set ourselves apart and stay holy

But before you can point a finger, check your heart

In there is the truth, that you could be worse

And like any other sinners, we all desperately need a Savior


I have no intention to make the matter at hand lighter

And yes we should refute even the very thought with much vehemence

However, hatred towards the victims of such ain’t the way to go about it

Christianity is born and founded on love and it should thrive on the same

By all means stand against the sin but always love the sinner.

That’s the true gospel


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