But all happens for good



I can understand why atheists need no God

The idea of someone up there playing the big man;

Calling the shorts and ending the game at will

Doesn’t feel nice, at its core almost absurd


Let’s assume He is there, why doesn’t He seem to care

All these problems in the world, yet almighty

At my hour of need, where is He?

But at my day of cherish, here He knocks

What a timing?


With such attitude to many

He seems a bother, an idea they would love to shun

Why can’t we just be animals,

Live by instincts today and die tomorrow?

Seems logical and easy, but is it?


Does he only come at the wrong time?

Is he only to act long after we have handled it?

And does he really care?


What if he plays by his rules?

Might seem like a hard hand

But what if that’s the best way

It should be at least if he’s all knowing.

And does he really just sit up there and watch?

That would be callous for an omnibenevolent creator and a father.


And yes at times, he seems to act slow but sure

Many times He hints “stop it” when we want not

He calls us to look aside for someone when would rather not care

But all said and done, He has our best interest at heart

And truth be said, He plays by His own rules;

But all happens for good of them that await Him.


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