The race; where do you go?


The race; where do you go?

Looking out of the window, all seems well and the world around speaks of a man flourishing. We are moving forward despite the prophecy of things going sour by day. We can cure more diseases; we can sustain life for longer and are at the verge of creating our own small beings. Take a peep on the window behind and see how far we have come. Look ahead and see how far we go.

But I am lost; before you go I seek understanding. Where are we going? What are we to accomplish with all this development? What happens when the future smiles at our progress? I bet many have not pondered on this question and it’s only expected. We are too busy working on this journey that we have given no thought to the end of the road.

We are in a race we know not where it ends. Not that the end is unfamiliar but we hold our hopes high to end well. We have seen others fail but that won’t be us. We are special you see. The rush to be rich, powerful and make a name has always been the ambition of the youth. Alexander the great cried at the thought of missing it and the man of this age wipes his tears to this end.

At birth we enter the race, life is however cruel and never aligns us on the same starting line. Some are privileged and are born ready. Many are weak and vulnerable, I doubt fate had them in mind to compete. Nevertheless, all must run, defy the odds and immerge victorious. We love winners, we appreciate and uphold them no matter the cost, you see this is a jungle and the strongest must reign.

But it never ends well, many who have gone up the ladder turn disappointed. Up there you doubt you would have run that high only for the tower to crush down behind you. You fight your way up the ladder, run over all the opposition and once you cling to the throne you realize how low you have fallen. As fate gathers to crown you, you realize only how lonely you have become.

Only then you realize how deceived you have been. Life taught you to run up with ears closed. Ambition taught you to shun those who knew of its whims and an imaginary future drew you apart from the things that really matter. Up on the mountain you see the depth of you inner self and if pride does not overcome you then you know the top of the mountain is ever cold, but only the strong few will descend.

I have no intention to stop you from the race; if anything we must run the race of life. However, it is wise to look ahead and ask yourself where you go. Consider the testimony of those who rushed up there, wisdom will teach you to plan before you endeavor to sojourn on. Listen to the advice of everyone even those behind you but most importantly open an ear to the author of life and in Him you will know when to turn.

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