It is a simple path; when the Lord leads



It’s the problem of man to find fulfillment

An answer to all his needs;

Ages record the search and today we look on

When will the search end, whence we rest?

A simple path we seek


Religion, science and philosophy

The gods and deities of this age

Who holds the key of the future?

Who will be the god of man?

A simple response we seek, a path to follow


Who will heal our diseases?

How do we fill our ever empty stomachs?

Where do we find value to see another day?

In the wake of daily suffering and ambition

Can we ever find a simple way out?


Truth be said, a simple way we have not

Rather a rough and excruciating journey

But hope we hold for a glorious destination

In anguish and pain we lean on the shoulder of love

A love so great, absolute but easily we’ve got


There is no simple path

Yet no longer a journey, till tomorrow comes

And today is here, a promise of love fulfilled

And like little children, we swim but on the shores

Soaring deep we must, deep in His love


It will be easy when He leads

It is bearable when He takes charge

Enjoyable and fulfilling we become

When we kneel at His feet and advance to Him

It is a simple path, when the Lord leads


One thought on “It is a simple path; when the Lord leads

  1. Though we were never made to search at all
    For what we seek to to fulfill
    Who we seek to heal,to lead us and fill
    He is near, around us,our ALL in all


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