Just like a baby



This a tough journey I undertake

Sacrifice is but the initial step

Pain and suffering awaits me

Nevertheless, I sojourn looking not where I come from

Like a babe I desire only to hear my Father


The path ahead is unclear

Only His voice loud and clear

And without a murmur I step out

Answering the call I must

Like a babe I follow and no questions I ask


Not everyone is willing to accompany

I fear a day I maybe all alone

But am glad such a day will never come

For even to the end of the age He will be with me

Precious Jesus, lead this little baby


Persecution and betrayal may be a food I must eat

The cup of loneliness, a sip or two I take

A risky path I take, yet aside I cannot look

My gaze is all ahead and my Savior awaits victory

Not with naivety and inability in thought; only a babe I am


Teach me to frequent your sanctuary

Enrich the temple within

Drown me in your Spirit

For only Ye I must have

Precious Jesus, make me a baby for you.


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