A children of hope and love



Why did our forefathers go to the forests?

In the dark of the night why abandon homes?

Didn’t the chilly morning scare them?

Yet behind rain watered plains they waited

Waited patiently, a hope tomorrow brings good.


Families and children they left behind

What mattered to them they revalued

The fortune of the day they traded

A more valuable commodity they found

And with all wealth, hope for a better land they purchased


Were they driven by doubt?

Did the thought of indifference visit their hearts?

The reality of children who cared not for blood spilt

If today they saw, a slavery beyond the days gone

I wonder the regret on their faces; yet they fought on


Thousands have died for great causes

Millions will rally behind great ideas

Soon their blood is forgotten

And the very cause of death ignored

I doubt if a life I lay, for a man so forgetful


Truth be told, only one death made a difference

Not for a cause or great Marxism

A death for the least of men; death for all men

A Son of the King was martyred

And a children of hope were desired


Unlike our fathers, not only hope led Him

More than hope was love, a love undeserving to man

And with knowledge and truth of the consequences

Still the slaughterhouse He entered

A children we are born today, of hope and love


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