No unequal yoking, at least in marriage!



I consider myself not special and a sinner by definition

I hate sinners not, but am eager to hear the Judge

Not that among them there are no beautiful flowers

But my heart is drawn by the heart

And like my Father, soul comes before body


I cannot think of not talking of His statutes

I can’t imagine not having a sanctuary for a home

His words starts my day, His precepts shapes my way;

And oh! Before I lay down, His conviction gives me hope for a tomorrow

How would I live for happy ever after without such?


What about preaching to them?

Isn’t there a chance of salvation in the course of time?

How I wish it were but soon He reminds me, only He saves not me

And your soul matters more to leave ninety nine for one

I truly must abide by His command; no unequal yoking at least in marriage


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