The school of a lifetime



I find myself in tears and joy

Awaiting my graduation

Surely I must have made it this time

Only every time, the Principal calls

More courses, more time

A school I never exit


Tomorrow calls; the future awaits

The day I face the world

A soul endowed with wisdom

Only staying in school I find me

Impatience crops up, giving in I often feel

But never an exit door I see but to sit and learn


When will the test be over oh mighty Principal?

Whence do I walk with my certificate of qualification?

But though I seek to know, He only must know better

I guess I have learnt something at least

That in this school I must stay

And seeking the exit I need stop


In the school of the Lord I learn

Every day to be molded I must accept

Not that I don’t grow weary

But His grace keeps me learning

An exit door I seek not

For beyond His hands I know no better place


In the hands of the potter

I am a pot that needs working

Stubborn and eager to be ready

But only the potter knows better

As a student of His ways

This is a school of a lifetime


The enemy soon comes; getting ready we must



Be it the uncertainty of a world beyond

A turn of events in the world behind

The other side of the grave is embraced

Only but a few

But truth be said, death soon must come


The perception we can outlive its whims

The idea we can miss the anniversary

And live forever more in happiness down here

A misguided fact it can only be

Worse than the dream that a fish will touch no water


Kings surround themselves with armies

At night they are safely guarded

Be there no enemies that can penetrate their chambers

Only none will catch the thief of life

And soon he must come


A soul must learn as early as now

To await this uninvited guest

Wishing him away will not help

Staying ready for him will do well

But to them who know the truth

He is but a friend who opens a door


The Christian must learn like Paul to stay ready

Not in fear of tomorrow, not weary of today

But simply He must learn

That to live is Christ

And yes to die is gain.


Homosexuality; we got it all wrong



The holy book teaches us to say no to all evil

Sin is a problem of the wicked heart

But long before we knew it, Christ died for all sinners

The blood washes all sins and yes homosexuality is no exception


But what are we to do with homosexuals

Are they the worst species alive?

Should we hate them and have nothing to do with them?

Much as you would detest them, we are called to love and cherish them

Hate the sin not the sinner


I know it’s easy to have nothing with sinners

Set ourselves apart and stay holy

But before you can point a finger, check your heart

In there is the truth, that you could be worse

And like any other sinners, we all desperately need a Savior


I have no intention to make the matter at hand lighter

And yes we should refute even the very thought with much vehemence

However, hatred towards the victims of such ain’t the way to go about it

Christianity is born and founded on love and it should thrive on the same

By all means stand against the sin but always love the sinner.

That’s the true gospel


But all happens for good



I can understand why atheists need no God

The idea of someone up there playing the big man;

Calling the shorts and ending the game at will

Doesn’t feel nice, at its core almost absurd


Let’s assume He is there, why doesn’t He seem to care

All these problems in the world, yet almighty

At my hour of need, where is He?

But at my day of cherish, here He knocks

What a timing?


With such attitude to many

He seems a bother, an idea they would love to shun

Why can’t we just be animals,

Live by instincts today and die tomorrow?

Seems logical and easy, but is it?


Does he only come at the wrong time?

Is he only to act long after we have handled it?

And does he really care?


What if he plays by his rules?

Might seem like a hard hand

But what if that’s the best way

It should be at least if he’s all knowing.

And does he really just sit up there and watch?

That would be callous for an omnibenevolent creator and a father.


And yes at times, he seems to act slow but sure

Many times He hints “stop it” when we want not

He calls us to look aside for someone when would rather not care

But all said and done, He has our best interest at heart

And truth be said, He plays by His own rules;

But all happens for good of them that await Him.


The race; where do you go?


The race; where do you go?

Looking out of the window, all seems well and the world around speaks of a man flourishing. We are moving forward despite the prophecy of things going sour by day. We can cure more diseases; we can sustain life for longer and are at the verge of creating our own small beings. Take a peep on the window behind and see how far we have come. Look ahead and see how far we go.

But I am lost; before you go I seek understanding. Where are we going? What are we to accomplish with all this development? What happens when the future smiles at our progress? I bet many have not pondered on this question and it’s only expected. We are too busy working on this journey that we have given no thought to the end of the road.

We are in a race we know not where it ends. Not that the end is unfamiliar but we hold our hopes high to end well. We have seen others fail but that won’t be us. We are special you see. The rush to be rich, powerful and make a name has always been the ambition of the youth. Alexander the great cried at the thought of missing it and the man of this age wipes his tears to this end.

At birth we enter the race, life is however cruel and never aligns us on the same starting line. Some are privileged and are born ready. Many are weak and vulnerable, I doubt fate had them in mind to compete. Nevertheless, all must run, defy the odds and immerge victorious. We love winners, we appreciate and uphold them no matter the cost, you see this is a jungle and the strongest must reign.

But it never ends well, many who have gone up the ladder turn disappointed. Up there you doubt you would have run that high only for the tower to crush down behind you. You fight your way up the ladder, run over all the opposition and once you cling to the throne you realize how low you have fallen. As fate gathers to crown you, you realize only how lonely you have become.

Only then you realize how deceived you have been. Life taught you to run up with ears closed. Ambition taught you to shun those who knew of its whims and an imaginary future drew you apart from the things that really matter. Up on the mountain you see the depth of you inner self and if pride does not overcome you then you know the top of the mountain is ever cold, but only the strong few will descend.

I have no intention to stop you from the race; if anything we must run the race of life. However, it is wise to look ahead and ask yourself where you go. Consider the testimony of those who rushed up there, wisdom will teach you to plan before you endeavor to sojourn on. Listen to the advice of everyone even those behind you but most importantly open an ear to the author of life and in Him you will know when to turn.

I am living for the Lord; are you?


I am a born again Christian, I believe in a God created universe and a purpose driven life. The main aim of my life is to glorify God. In this endeavor I plan to do all that I can, exploit all opportunities to honor Him.

My life is not my own, I have given it to Jesus; I am a happy slave to righteousness. When I die all I care to know is that I lived to this dream and enter by the gates upon hearing the words: “Welcome home and rest, you faithful servant.”

It is my desire that through this platform, CHRIST can send a message of love to people needing compassion, to the broken and the hopeless; may the words ” your sins have been forgiven thee reach their destination”.

I live to continue the ministry of Christ as seen in the mission of the messiah- Luke 4:18 -” The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised”.

In Him rests my fulfillment and doing His will is my great philosophy. This is the only purpose for man down here, to live for the Lord who died that we may have life now and forever.

It is a simple path; when the Lord leads



It’s the problem of man to find fulfillment

An answer to all his needs;

Ages record the search and today we look on

When will the search end, whence we rest?

A simple path we seek


Religion, science and philosophy

The gods and deities of this age

Who holds the key of the future?

Who will be the god of man?

A simple response we seek, a path to follow


Who will heal our diseases?

How do we fill our ever empty stomachs?

Where do we find value to see another day?

In the wake of daily suffering and ambition

Can we ever find a simple way out?


Truth be said, a simple way we have not

Rather a rough and excruciating journey

But hope we hold for a glorious destination

In anguish and pain we lean on the shoulder of love

A love so great, absolute but easily we’ve got


There is no simple path

Yet no longer a journey, till tomorrow comes

And today is here, a promise of love fulfilled

And like little children, we swim but on the shores

Soaring deep we must, deep in His love


It will be easy when He leads

It is bearable when He takes charge

Enjoyable and fulfilling we become

When we kneel at His feet and advance to Him

It is a simple path, when the Lord leads


A children of hope and love



Why did our forefathers go to the forests?

In the dark of the night why abandon homes?

Didn’t the chilly morning scare them?

Yet behind rain watered plains they waited

Waited patiently, a hope tomorrow brings good.


Families and children they left behind

What mattered to them they revalued

The fortune of the day they traded

A more valuable commodity they found

And with all wealth, hope for a better land they purchased


Were they driven by doubt?

Did the thought of indifference visit their hearts?

The reality of children who cared not for blood spilt

If today they saw, a slavery beyond the days gone

I wonder the regret on their faces; yet they fought on


Thousands have died for great causes

Millions will rally behind great ideas

Soon their blood is forgotten

And the very cause of death ignored

I doubt if a life I lay, for a man so forgetful


Truth be told, only one death made a difference

Not for a cause or great Marxism

A death for the least of men; death for all men

A Son of the King was martyred

And a children of hope were desired


Unlike our fathers, not only hope led Him

More than hope was love, a love undeserving to man

And with knowledge and truth of the consequences

Still the slaughterhouse He entered

A children we are born today, of hope and love


Just like a baby



This a tough journey I undertake

Sacrifice is but the initial step

Pain and suffering awaits me

Nevertheless, I sojourn looking not where I come from

Like a babe I desire only to hear my Father


The path ahead is unclear

Only His voice loud and clear

And without a murmur I step out

Answering the call I must

Like a babe I follow and no questions I ask


Not everyone is willing to accompany

I fear a day I maybe all alone

But am glad such a day will never come

For even to the end of the age He will be with me

Precious Jesus, lead this little baby


Persecution and betrayal may be a food I must eat

The cup of loneliness, a sip or two I take

A risky path I take, yet aside I cannot look

My gaze is all ahead and my Savior awaits victory

Not with naivety and inability in thought; only a babe I am


Teach me to frequent your sanctuary

Enrich the temple within

Drown me in your Spirit

For only Ye I must have

Precious Jesus, make me a baby for you.


No unequal yoking, at least in marriage!



I consider myself not special and a sinner by definition

I hate sinners not, but am eager to hear the Judge

Not that among them there are no beautiful flowers

But my heart is drawn by the heart

And like my Father, soul comes before body


I cannot think of not talking of His statutes

I can’t imagine not having a sanctuary for a home

His words starts my day, His precepts shapes my way;

And oh! Before I lay down, His conviction gives me hope for a tomorrow

How would I live for happy ever after without such?


What about preaching to them?

Isn’t there a chance of salvation in the course of time?

How I wish it were but soon He reminds me, only He saves not me

And your soul matters more to leave ninety nine for one

I truly must abide by His command; no unequal yoking at least in marriage