Never lacking in remnants



A thing or two I have learnt in my short stay around

A surety that surpasses the rising of the sun;

Our Lord will never lack a remnant

The call to make stones worship Him will not soon come

But even if that day comes, a remnant He will raise for Himself


Today His voices speaks, a people He is calling

In His harvest field, fruits are in plenty

Only a man or woman called hitherto to reap His harvest

The barns are ready; the store house is barely empty

More laborers are needed, a remnant for the Lord


When you answer the call, expect not recognition

Seek not to be appreciated

Await hatred and persecution

But when the Lord’s sheep enter the pen

Acknowledge that you are an unworthy servant;

You only did your duty and remained a remnant of righteousness


I delight in your ways oh Lord!

You Word and statutes shall I extol

In the morning I will rise and be found on your vineyard

A servant seeking no pay or gratitude

My only desire; to be your remnant precious Lord.


In the previous days we saw the disciples

Apostles were quick to succeed them

The evangelicals came by and made impact

Martin Luther, D L Moody and Billy Graham

Today it will be you and I; a remnant He must have.


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