Who can be more faithful?

More than the rising of the sun
Beyond the certainty of the approaching dusk
The faithfulness of the Lord is guaranteed
His name is faithful
And unless He denies Himself, then faithful He always will be
Tomorrow may never come
I may not live long enough to see my old days
I am not even sure of the next couple of seconds
But one thing I know, a truth I am ready to die for:
That the Lord will be faithful to fulfill his promises
I am ready to face tomorrow
I will climb the mountains of this life
And surely descend upon the valleys
Not because I am all able
But if the faithful one wills, then I must
I am amazed of your faithfulness oh Lord!
The reflection of what you have done for me leaves me no words
I am only afraid, too afraid if a day would come and I lose trust in you
Such a day frightens me more than death and the warmth of Hades
For even beyond this life, your faithfulness will reign
Teach my soul to cast my doubts aside
Refresh my heart with you understanding
Let my lips be filled with your praises
And my mind with thoughts only of your faithfulness
For who can be more faithful?

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