Meaninglessness of life without God

What motivates movie writers to have a happy ending?
Why is it that the protagonist always wins?
Isn’t it time to change the rules?
Give victory to the villain
Make the blood thirst evil fellow carry the day.
Imagine such a scenario; a jungle
Where might makes the rules
Yet as cruel as the world looks
Man still clings onto hope
Look at his narratives, read his stories
Listen to the sound of his music
And consider his touch in art and poetry
See the optimism in his eyes
A desire that tomorrow carries with it good tidings
And if he only has the same fate as a bird
If his end follows the path of the monkey
Then man is to be pitied of all species
But thank God that He has chosen him among beasts
Be grateful that man can dream on less in vain
For his maker has valued his worthless life
And in Him there is meaning and value for life.

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