Though He tarries; I will be waiting


Not that I have seen the day

But a dawn unknown I await

With a desire conceived in my heart

My delivery day soon approaches

And though He may tarry, still I wait


I have a dream

When the glorious sun will light my morning

When the birds will hum my song

And the winds will carry my tune

What a beautiful morning; the birth of my dream


I have harbored many dreams

I have lived in a world of fantasy

I am dreamer and poor me, I know it

So poor I am that I still dream on

Who will wake me from my stupor?


I will respond to no wakeup call

I will turn off the alarm

Shut my ears from the morning bell

Till His voice I hear

Yes, though He tarries, yet I will wait


Years may pass by, centuries or millennia

I may be long gone before His day comes

But even in my grave, I will wait

And when He blows the wake up trumpet

I will rise to meet Him on the skies


Though the day of the Lord tarries

My expectation shall not be cut

My dream will not die

And with visions of golden paths; a day of vindication

A lifetime I shall lead waiting till He comes.


Though He may tarry; I will be waiting





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