I now see in you the face of God


Man is a frail being

With a heart that only seeks to do evil

No good would come therein

He not only breaks the commandments

He even seeks new ways to do evil


You have seen such kind of beings

A people drinking from the hemlock of pride

A nation thriving on self ambition

Every man for himself, God for us all

A race betrothed to doing evil


A neighbor waits in the dark

Like a hyena, a chance he seeks

To see a hand fall off your meat

The closer a person is, the more danger they pose

No wonder many have become islands


Amidst all this infirmity and vulnerability to sin

A perfect love is bestowed on this creature

Great value is put in this earthen creation

Valuable than all the stones of the earth

All by bearing the image of God


In the words of the holy book

Creation in the image of the Lord

Man finds his true worth

And when you look at him

Value can be attached to his life


Though weak and susceptible to evil

With diseases and disabilities

Infirmity and illness of the soul

You can now see in him the face of deity

Looking at you, I now see the face of God.






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