Never lacking in remnants



A thing or two I have learnt in my short stay around

A surety that surpasses the rising of the sun;

Our Lord will never lack a remnant

The call to make stones worship Him will not soon come

But even if that day comes, a remnant He will raise for Himself


Today His voices speaks, a people He is calling

In His harvest field, fruits are in plenty

Only a man or woman called hitherto to reap His harvest

The barns are ready; the store house is barely empty

More laborers are needed, a remnant for the Lord


When you answer the call, expect not recognition

Seek not to be appreciated

Await hatred and persecution

But when the Lord’s sheep enter the pen

Acknowledge that you are an unworthy servant;

You only did your duty and remained a remnant of righteousness


I delight in your ways oh Lord!

You Word and statutes shall I extol

In the morning I will rise and be found on your vineyard

A servant seeking no pay or gratitude

My only desire; to be your remnant precious Lord.


In the previous days we saw the disciples

Apostles were quick to succeed them

The evangelicals came by and made impact

Martin Luther, D L Moody and Billy Graham

Today it will be you and I; a remnant He must have.


Who can be more faithful?

More than the rising of the sun
Beyond the certainty of the approaching dusk
The faithfulness of the Lord is guaranteed
His name is faithful
And unless He denies Himself, then faithful He always will be
Tomorrow may never come
I may not live long enough to see my old days
I am not even sure of the next couple of seconds
But one thing I know, a truth I am ready to die for:
That the Lord will be faithful to fulfill his promises
I am ready to face tomorrow
I will climb the mountains of this life
And surely descend upon the valleys
Not because I am all able
But if the faithful one wills, then I must
I am amazed of your faithfulness oh Lord!
The reflection of what you have done for me leaves me no words
I am only afraid, too afraid if a day would come and I lose trust in you
Such a day frightens me more than death and the warmth of Hades
For even beyond this life, your faithfulness will reign
Teach my soul to cast my doubts aside
Refresh my heart with you understanding
Let my lips be filled with your praises
And my mind with thoughts only of your faithfulness
For who can be more faithful?

Meaninglessness of life without God

What motivates movie writers to have a happy ending?
Why is it that the protagonist always wins?
Isn’t it time to change the rules?
Give victory to the villain
Make the blood thirst evil fellow carry the day.
Imagine such a scenario; a jungle
Where might makes the rules
Yet as cruel as the world looks
Man still clings onto hope
Look at his narratives, read his stories
Listen to the sound of his music
And consider his touch in art and poetry
See the optimism in his eyes
A desire that tomorrow carries with it good tidings
And if he only has the same fate as a bird
If his end follows the path of the monkey
Then man is to be pitied of all species
But thank God that He has chosen him among beasts
Be grateful that man can dream on less in vain
For his maker has valued his worthless life
And in Him there is meaning and value for life.

Man will live by Faith



Like fuel in a vehicle

Living blood in a body

Faith is the substance upon which man blossoms

The very liquid that a heart throbs on

And when the well runs dry, a life is lost

Man will live by faith


It is better to wrestle with deadly cancer

Than meet a man of little faith

The latter may survive for ages

But all on dead meat

A life without faith is unknown to man

He would rather trust his weak being


Even a cat believes in itself

And from birth man has to learn the way of faith

Believe that he will make it regardless of the doctor’s remark

Trust he will see the light of day in the dark of the night

And hope, just hope that tomorrow will bring him good

No success can be achieved until the faith test is passed


Seen a man without faith

Hates his very existence

Suicidal thoughts are appealing to his worthless mind

And if logic dawns on him in this status

A leap from the roof will be the least he can do

His paths always meet at the graveyard.


The world will teach you to ignore faith

Philosophers will show you the path of reason

But a life without faith is unlivable

You can call the Christian a freak

But dare not lose on faith

Even atheists thrive on a faith


Man must live by faith

Its foundation is what makes the difference

And mine is built on the rock of ages

The resurrection and the life

The corner stone still rejected today

The very capstone of life


Though He tarries; I will be waiting


Not that I have seen the day

But a dawn unknown I await

With a desire conceived in my heart

My delivery day soon approaches

And though He may tarry, still I wait


I have a dream

When the glorious sun will light my morning

When the birds will hum my song

And the winds will carry my tune

What a beautiful morning; the birth of my dream


I have harbored many dreams

I have lived in a world of fantasy

I am dreamer and poor me, I know it

So poor I am that I still dream on

Who will wake me from my stupor?


I will respond to no wakeup call

I will turn off the alarm

Shut my ears from the morning bell

Till His voice I hear

Yes, though He tarries, yet I will wait


Years may pass by, centuries or millennia

I may be long gone before His day comes

But even in my grave, I will wait

And when He blows the wake up trumpet

I will rise to meet Him on the skies


Though the day of the Lord tarries

My expectation shall not be cut

My dream will not die

And with visions of golden paths; a day of vindication

A lifetime I shall lead waiting till He comes.


Though He may tarry; I will be waiting





I now see in you the face of God


Man is a frail being

With a heart that only seeks to do evil

No good would come therein

He not only breaks the commandments

He even seeks new ways to do evil


You have seen such kind of beings

A people drinking from the hemlock of pride

A nation thriving on self ambition

Every man for himself, God for us all

A race betrothed to doing evil


A neighbor waits in the dark

Like a hyena, a chance he seeks

To see a hand fall off your meat

The closer a person is, the more danger they pose

No wonder many have become islands


Amidst all this infirmity and vulnerability to sin

A perfect love is bestowed on this creature

Great value is put in this earthen creation

Valuable than all the stones of the earth

All by bearing the image of God


In the words of the holy book

Creation in the image of the Lord

Man finds his true worth

And when you look at him

Value can be attached to his life


Though weak and susceptible to evil

With diseases and disabilities

Infirmity and illness of the soul

You can now see in him the face of deity

Looking at you, I now see the face of God.