Reciprocating love is the mother of free will!


God in His omnipotence would do everything

Indeed, all that there is speaks of this

And it was possible to create perfect humans


Sin would never be the problem of man

Like angels in heaven, songs of praise would abound on earth

But why didn’t he?

Why make a possibility of frailty

Why with all such power would he create such weak beings?

And place them in the realm of the king of evil; that old devil


He certainly knew they would be deceived

Falling into sin was quite probable

Yet, He took the risk

You know why?


You may not like this but it is simply because of love

God is love and He knows that for true love to thrive,

And for man to truly embrace this love,

He simply needed to do it freely


Choice was inevitable

And with choice, anything can happen

They say absolute power corrupts,

But absolute freedom endangers the soul

And danger is what followed when choice was exercised


Wickedness is the byproduct of freedom

But the Lord knew, the true product would still thrive

The fruit of righteousness; when our choices embrace His love


You may be tempted to disagree with Him for this

But as a stream won’t rise above the source (C, S Lewis)

You have no grounds to argue with the author of your reasoning


Count yourself lucky, that a perfect God falls in love with you

You should be proud that such perfection would embrace weakness


Reciprocating love is mother of free will

And man is free to reciprocate it or not.

But God remains to be a perfect loving Father

Without Him love does not exist for He is love


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