Is atheism a foolish standing?


There are about four components of life that can’t exist without God

Four of which we would be denied upon disbelieving in God

At least rationally speaking


First is love, God makes it clear not that He is loving

But He is love,

Talk of love and you have to beg God for permission


Think about justice, our courts try their best

But not even a 1000 years’ imprisonment,

Or even the hanging of criminal

Will offer the plaintiff some justice


Ask the victims of the Holocaust,

The mother of a murdered child

And pain remains fresh as the wound of injustice ooze with blood

Only God can offer true justice to the living and the dead


The third contestant is life

Jesus says He is life, the very breath you thrive on

Any argument about the value or meaning of life;

Will always point you to God; it’s simply inevitable


Lastly, we see truth

We are all looking for the truth

We can argue on the preference; absolutely or relatively

But before we can go a mile, Christ reminds us; He is the truth

And not only the truth but even the path to that truth that is Him


It is like every side a skeptic turns, they hit a dead end

And so it is; unless you live without the four;

Love, justice, truth and without life

Then a position against God is invalid

As the bible says, it is a foolish standing


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