Guard your eye; preserve a heart


Much has been said about the heart of man

The wickedness within has been exposed

And our moral teachers are never hesitant to remind us of this

A pure heart is extoled; an evil one is abhorred


Today I also want to let you in

Through a small opening that you can’t see through

But one that records what the entire world holds

Not in books or journals

But secretly in reserved annals of the heart


Contained in the chambers of the mind

You will see a great store of information in a soul,

Through the small capillaries the eye sends content

Deep within the heart, data is stored


In blink of an eye, the heart gathers information

With a wink, the mind paints the image

And within a second, a masterpiece;

Unconceivable by modern artists and architects results

And the end of that man can only be worse


Guard you heart above all things

But even more specifically, guard your sight

Carry a cover if you have to,

Make a hinged door if need be

And allow not the eye to wander where it need take off


If you close the alfresco, the inside is safe

Do you want to guard your heart?

See only what you must

And look only where you should


Your mind will not shut the thought away

Your heart will not abort evil schemes

If the door to the heart loses the hinges

To close when need arises.

Guard your eye; preserve your heart


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