Evidence is not enough


If there were but only enough evidence

A pinch of weight to the direction of deity

If only science would write in support of religion

And philosophy argued for the case of God

Atheists proclaim, maybe one would believe


But I am startled with all the evidence available

Is it that they are not aware of it?

Is it even possible not to see all the proof presented?

Wouldn’t it take a blind person?

In mind, heart and soul to miss all the testimonies made in support of deity?


It is impossible to understand these skeptics

But as one of them proclaims in their creed;

You can do anything with evidence

Including dismissing it


And so am convinced;

Disbelieve in God

As a stand and decision of choice

Has nothing to do with evidence

Like committing murder, rape or stealing

Atheism takes a moral standing rather than a rational one


And so I will answer Bertrand Russell of this age

It is not about the evidence

It is all about choice


And Atheism just like Christianity

Thrives upon the faith in one’s choice

Faith is established not upon evidence

But upon one’s inclination to believe

And with faith, evidence can always be gathered


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