How did you spend the day dear son?


Well, today was one of those days

Started with optimism, great expectations I heard

The morning bird did get late today

Nevertheless, we managed to kick the blanket


Up and down, usual business wasn’t as usual

Time did seem to drag feet at some time

But when the flag was off, the day was gone

Dusk was soon rushing in and the rush hour was on

The day was over


I must say there was that tendency to get it done

Be in control and let everything fall to plan

It’s frustrating how my will competes with yours

How my business tends to by-pass yours

While at the same time awaiting your miracle

Hide under your grace

And expecting the abundance of your blessing


Give me yet another day Lord

And tomorrow I will do better

This I keep saying but luckily you are ever patient

I am amazed how you can tolerate this earthen piece of clay

But if I invest in your wonders, I may never get off the hook

Too many are your wonders, like the sand of the sea

And I just happen to be one more


Tomorrow I will wait

With deep conviction, a chance to trust you more

With a will to know your glory

And a determination to be more loving to my neighbor

I will face the day


I do not know how it will be

I might as well fail to be on your business

And such I would regret

But I am glad you are giving me another chance

Another day to try your love

Thank you Lord


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