I see with the eyes of the heart

The condition of the chambers within

A broken spirit, a yearning will

My soul yearns for redemption

Who will come to my salvation?


By night I cry and by day I whine with remorse

I am broken, the shattered nature within is soon to be seen

Though I desperately desire to do good

In pride my heart disappoints me

And I am worried to see me for who I am


The images of my mind frighten me

And the imagination of my guilt haunts me

By day my thoughts are inclined to doing well

But by night I find my soul drawn to sin

What a wretched heart I have

One I desire to jerk out


I am too proud to forgive this heart in me

I desire mine was a plant that would wither

Probably I would plant a new seed by season

But now I see with a new sight

The forgiveness rendered to my pride


Now I see but a reflection of that filthy heart

When I look by the eyes of Christ in me

I see but a perfect being

A spoilt heart made well by the blood of Jesus


I am righteous, not by deed or thought

Neither by nature or composition

But through the grace that killed the Son

The grace by which I am justified

To be called the son of the Most High

With a new eye, now I see


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